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"Improve your professional skills with our series of

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We post on our website "reader friendly" skills development publications for the

busy executive and  manager, mainly under the form of easy to read and nicely

designed Infographics covering different areas of the business universe like

Strategic Management, Financial  Management, Operations Management,

Marketing, Sales, Human  Resources Management, IT, Business  Psychology,

Investment, Personal Finance,  Statistics, Research, Economics, etc…


The Rational behind our products

In today's area of "Big Data" and the infinite business universe, coupled with the hectic and highly packed work schedule of professionals, time to read skills development books becomes a daunting and hard to achieve task.

Considering this fact, "NCRA Publications" provides an effective, enriching and reader friendly solution to ambitious professionals through the trendy Business Infographics concept.

What is an NCRA Business Infographic (NBI) ?

Each individual NBI covers a specific topic from a business function/discipline/field by summarizing its content, converting it into brief explanatory bullet points and illustrating its essence in a nice and easy to read graphical template with diagrams and icons.

 Some of the examples are:

 * The topic "SWOT analysis" (a company's analysis of its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) from the field of "Strategic Management".

* The topic "TQM - Total Quality Management" from the field of "Management".

* The topic "Company Valuation" from the "Corporate Finance" field.

* The topic "Interpretation and Importance of Financial Ratios" from the "Financial Management" discipline.

* The topic "Hedging Credit Risk" from the "Risk Management" discipline.

* The topic "Identifying Market Segments and Selecting Market Targets" from the "Marketing Management" discipline.

* The topic "Optimal Selling Techniques" from the field of "Sales Management".

* The topic "The Effective and Efficient Human Resources Management System" from the field of "Human Resources Management.

* The topic "Understanding Economic Indicators and their impact on a company's profitability" from the field of "Economics".

* Management tips from top executives.

* Successful negotiation tips.


 NBI references and information sources

When writing our infographics we rely on our team of consultants' extensive experience and robust knowledge and

for additional inspiration we refer to hundreds of books and other publications written by very well renowned top international experts.







We hope to have you on board for this professional development journey toward long and lasting success…

 All the Best…
NCRA Publications Team